our goal

Better bus service


Through the Better Bus Project, we’re finding new ways to improve the experiences of people who ride our buses.

We started by listening to the needs and concerns of more than 3,000 riders at bus stops, community meetings, and online. What they asked for: more reliable service on more routes that run frequently all day, not just during peak hours.

With that objective in mind, we’ve come up with 47 proposals to update and modernize existing routes. These are good and long-overdue changes. Taken together, they lay the foundation for a bus network with more frequent and reliable service—and one that provides better connectivity in Greater Boston.

What we need is your feedback. With your help, we’ll bring these changes to our board in April 2019. If they’re approved, the changes will begin to take effect as early as the fall of 2019.


Why We’re Doing This

We haven’t made significant changes to the bus network in almost a decade. And, in that time, travel patterns have changed and traffic has only gotten worse.

With the Better Bus Project, we’re trying to ensure that existing resources and upcoming investments are helping the most people and doing the most good.

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Public Outreach

Our proposals are a direct response to feedback from riders, community groups, and legislators.



Public Meetings

We held 31 public meetings across Greater Boston—at schools, community centers, and major bus stops.


Community Groups

We contacted 257 community groups in neighborhoods across the region.



Public Comments

Overall, we heard from more than 3,000 people.


Supporting Analysis

We asked for two studies: one about how the region and its travel patterns are changing, and one about the strengths and weaknesses in the MBTA’s bus network. These studies helped shape our proposals.


Market Analysis

As the Greater Boston region changes, where people live and where they need to go change, too. This report gets into the details of how neighborhoods have grown, where jobs are located, and more, to assess the extent to which the MBTA bus network is meeting the region’s evolving travel needs.

Read the Market Analysis


State of the Bus System

Want to know more about bus service today? This report provides a system-level view of our bus network, identifies the main challenges that we face, and suggests seven strategies for addressing them.

Read the State of the Bus System


Other Bus Initiatives

The Better Bus Project is one of the many initiatives underway to improve bus service.

silver line 3


In April 2018, we launched the new Silver Line 3 to improve connectivity in East Boston and Chelsea.

late night & early morning service


We ran pilots of new late night and early morning service, to expand offerings to riders who need them most. That early morning service is now permanent.

bus priority


We’ve partnered with 5 cities and towns to give MBTA buses priority on the street—the most cost-effective way to make bus service faster and more reliable.

better arrival predictions


We’ve recently updated the GPS technology on our buses to improve arrival predictions.

Reimagining the Bus Stop

Bus Shelters 20018-19-9447.jpg

With our municipal partners, we're exploring how bus stops could become comfortable, informative, and delightful community spaces.


Take Action

The online feedback period closed on March 13, 2019, and we’re grateful for all of the feedback that we received.

You can still read the proposals by clicking below.